Can the power of words alone make a difference in your marketing?

The choice of words you make is important – vital – to convey the meaning you intend. My readers, your readers, prefer specific, concrete and powerful words. But that’s not always what they get.

The writers I work with know that I dislike using certain imperfect words in our content marketing. Unless you are discussing lunch in Hollywood or branding at Nike, the word DO is one I recommend avoiding, for example. Why? It has little meaning and often softens the impact of the idea you’re trying to convey. Run is another word with so many meanings it is often meaningless in a sentence. Try harder – there are better words.

The content marketers at Purplefeather in UK produced this brilliant video that showcases The Power of Words to move people to action.

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  1. Jamiil Hankins says

    So what words do you recommend instead of DO or RUN… ? I am a PROGRESSOR for a group called BLONDEGANG. I don’t use the term MANAGER because I don’t feel like I “manage” to do anything. I plan and execute.. thus progress..hence the name Progressor.

  2. says


    You’re right, I should have offered recommendations for other words to use. I prefer to use more descriptive words when writing, rather than “do” or “run”. For instance, many people will say “We’re going to do a release” when they mean “write” or “create and distribute.” Some people will say “I run the trade show booth” when they mean “organize” or “attend and staff.” I once heard someone say they “run the corporate race” and when I asked whether they had to train, they said, “Oh no! I don’t run in the corporate race, I run the event!” That’s why I like to choose better words in writing — there isn’t an opportunity to ask the author what he or she actually meant when the usage is at question.

    Thanks for your comment!



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