5 Reasons Good Marketing Content is Like Being the Smartest Kid in Class

Confession: I did well enough in school, but I was not the Smartest Kid in Class. In high school, that would have been Andy (now Andrew Shooman PhD). But I think there are lessons to be learned from being the Smartest Kid in Class that apply to your marketing content. Certainly, it helps if you are, in fact, the smartest — a thought leader — in your field. Your content automatically gets treated with a little more gravitas than content from other sources. But, on your way to becoming that thought leader, here are a few tips:

5 Reasons Good Marketing Content is Like Being the Smartest Kid in Class

  1. Everyone wants to sit next to you – Come on, admit it. When it came time to work on a project, write a paper, conduct a lab or take a test, there was no better seat than the one next to the Smartest Kid in Class – opposite her writing hand where you could see her notes.
  2. When you make a point, people pay attention – Believe me, if the Smartest Kid in Class says something, everyone sits up and pays attention. It’s probably going to be important and it will definitely find its way onto the mid-term.
  3. Everyone wants to borrow your notes – It’s ironic that the Smartest Kid in Class often became a doctor – those people in society known for having the worst handwriting – because during school, their notes were often the most sought-after. They never missed a nuanced phrase the teacher mentioned. Borrowing those notes or photocopying them could often mean the difference of a letter grade on your next test.
  4. Your opinion can change the teacher’s mind – Amazing as it sounds, the opinion of the Smartest Kid in Class carried so much weight that often he could sway the teacher! He was a thought leader, and if he felt a certain way about a subject, or made an interesting point, very often even the teacher would agree – and sometimes it could change the way the course was taught.
  5. Even the “popular” kids respect you – Contrary to the way the Smartest Kid in Class is portrayed on television (by a jealous screenwriter who was not the Smartest Kid in Class), often the Smartest Kid in Class has respect from the jocks, nerds, cheerleaders, theater geeks and every oter maligned high school stereotype. Why? Simple, the Smartest Kid in Class has a niche that she filled better than anyone else. People respect that.

You get the idea? Your marketing content can become the Smartest Kid in Class by providing thought leadership, nuanced reasoning and sound advice. As I said earlier, I was not the Smartest Kid in Class, so I am sure I left things off this list. Please help me out and leave a comment below.

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